Our Mission

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Services to real estate 2.0. Efficiency, transparency and for our customers the best technologies to support them in the managing of single real estate units or property portfolios.

At REinventi we are focused on the constant improvement of the quality of the services we provide. Through the thorough knowledge of the best IT services used for advisory activities in the real estate market, we are able to provide an effective and transparent consultancy for the development and enhancing of real estate assets. We can achieve this aim through the followings:

Electronic systems: we use the last generation computer platforms with dedicated software for real estate management operating on the web, integrated by a specific interactive help desk system which allows monitoring all administrative and technical activities in real time. Each customer can have an unlimited number of operators accessing the platform, with different levels of authorization, in order to constantly monitor the management and the related costs.

High quality dedicated reporting: the key of our clients satisfaction is an accurate, periodic reporting (which can be obtained in real time from any workstation with an internet connection) tailored on the user’s needs. This allows an efficient and strategic decision – making support. Through these systems our customers can, any time, integrate the contract reporting with real time extracts of the financial, technical and commercial situation.

All we have described above leads to:

  • Administrative and technical management costs control, obtained through an increase of efficiency.
  • Increase of energetic efficiency, obtained through solutions oriented to consumption reduction and environmental protection
  • Space planning: improvement of the use of spaces.
  • Efficient and productive relationship with tenants, obtained through the use of systems which asses the customer satisfaction.