Vision and Mission

REinventi is a company that provides its customers with all the know-how that management and staff have developed in over 20 years of activity in the real estate sector, attentive to customer needs, able to create value by working in a competent and highly professional manner.

Innovation, efficiency, reliability, transparency are the objectives of our mission .

REinventi today

Established in December 2013, Reinventi is a company with a strong IT and technological vocation.

At the end of 2014 its corporate purpose is expanded to include all services and consulting activities for real estate.

In April 2015 it achieves the ISO 9001:2008 certification (RINA), confirmed in ISO 9001:2015 in April 2018 and still valid.

It has provided assistance and collaboration in the drafting of technical bids for tenders (FM and Energy) called by the National Purchasing Center (CONSIP) on behalf of prestigious industrial groups.
It has provided assistance and collaboration in the drafting of technical bids for tenders called by the municipalities of Brescia, Ferrara and Treviso (Public Lighting) on behalf of leading operators in the sector.

It has collaborated with real estate funds (Invimit SGR Spa, a company wholly controlled by the Ministry of Treasury) for the start-up of the management modules of the IT platform dedicated to the administrative management of the funds (Inail i3, Università i3, Patrimonio Italia i3, Sviluppo italia i3 otto ter and otto quater, INPS i3), also taking care of the property management activity.

It provides strategic consultancy to major companies in the energy sector for structured efficiency improvement projects (such as the National Real Estate Project).

It has been property manager of the Q4 Fund managed by Quorum S.G.R. S.p.a.

For KPMG Advisory S.p.A., it updated the inventory of movable assets owned by the Azienda Ospedaliera Federico II of Naples.

It has been a member of Assoimmobiliare, an association of the real estate industry adhering to Confindustria, until 31 Dicember 2023.

Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation is in our DNA.

Over the years we have developed a high level of competence in the implementation of monitoring and control models of structured contracts (tenders and concessions) and in the preparation and management of efficient management models of the building stock aimed at a conscious use of energy.

Our management and maintenance models start from the awareness that the technological evolution, and in particular the growing need to implement models also aimed at energy efficiency, an essential component of the European and national energy strategy, are the only really efficient tools to achieve a low energy economy, safer, more competitive and more sustainable.

Efficiency gains in the use of energy make it possible to reduce consumption, improve the environmental impact of human activities, improve quality of life standards and represent a stimulus for any technological progress.

RELABS – Blockchain for Real Estate

EZ Lab and REinventi merge their know-how, blockchain and Real Estate advisory, to serve the operators of the real estate sector. RElabs – Blockchain for Real Estate, the first company in Italy specialized in the development of digital platforms and business models based on blockchain for the Real Estate and construction sector, member of the Italian Proptech Network (by Politecnico di Milano), is born with the aim to support real estate operators.

RElabs provides blockchain solutions that can cut costs, simplify procedures, or increase the value of real estate assets.

Relabs also:

  • Supports Real Estate operators to introduce the new Business Models that Blockchain technology allows in the real estate and construction sector
  • Develops technological solutions based on blockchain technology specific to the Real Estate and construction sector: platforms, applications and Apps (decentralized apps)
  • Supports managers and project teams in the adoption of blockchain as a technology destined to profoundly change the real estate and construction sector